It was a busy day in the City of Professions, where we managed to train more than 500 young specialists. At the same time, the children could master the profession of a poet or writer, illustrator and designer of publications, bookbinder, book writer and book restorer. We have a lot of positive reviews and a huge charge of positive. And especially we are grateful for this to office “Lviv – the city of literature”, PC “Dyz-Art”, Lviv Printing College and the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, the Scientific Library of the National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Drahomanov. Together we have:

56 designers of editions

58 bookbinders,

40 brochures

70 book restorers (Vasyl Kmet)

135 illustrators (this is success of Natalia Haida!)

71 writers (thanks to Jac Zhabye and Anastasiia Nikulina)

80 poets (with the efforts of Pavlo Bilyk)

Who knows, maybe you have influenced someone’s choice of life path)