An independent vacancy search is not an easy task. Therefore, the PA “Publishing and Printing Cluster” jointly with the Ukrainian Academy of Printing held a Career Fair, where students and graduates were able to get acquainted with the representatives of enterprises and get the first experience of communication with employers, learn about the conditions of internship and employment, submit their CVs and pass pre-interview, get acquainted with the requirements of employers.

The purpose of the Career Fair is:

  • actualization of qualitative practice / internship at enterprises;
  • employment according to specialty during studies / after graduation from the higher educational institution;
  • establishment of partnerships between enterprises, cooperation with higher educational institutions, students;
  • adaptation of future specialists to the modern requirements of employers.

Participating in the Career Fair enables the employer- company to:

  • get acquainted and interview a large number of candidates for a short period of time;
  • to replenish the database of potential employees of the company;
  • to fill in existing vacancies and select candidates for vacancies that are planned in the future;
  • to fill in the temporary vacancies when the main employees are on vacation or need help in conducting advertising campaigns, marketing research, etc.;
  • to familiarize a wide range of students and teachers with the activities of the company.

The Career Fair was attended by the PC “Dyz-Art”, “DOMEN-DRUK” LTD, Publishing House “Moloda Halychyna” LTD, “Mathai-Ukraine” LTD, “ELGRAF” LTD, “Poly Pack” LTD, “Repro-Studio Dialogue” LTD, “Ecotep” LTD, Publishing House “Ukrpol”, Advertising Company “Dz’ob”, PC “Lata” and AC “Aquarium”.